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How do I choose a coffee?

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are so many options. Although it can feel a little overwhelming when considering all the different brew methods and coffee types, rest assured that it's a lot simpler than you might think. All our coffees are roasted to be enjoyed on ANY set up at home. 

This being said, certain coffees are specifically well suited to certain brew methods. When asking yourself (or the barista) the question "which coffee should I choose", it helps to think in these terms:

A) What equipment do you have at home - how do you normally brew your coffee? With a small espresso machine? A French press? Perhaps a mocka pot? Each and every brew method has it's advantages. On all of our coffee descriptions you'll find a list of suitable brew methods. 

B) How do you like your coffee to taste? Are you craving something a little richer, deeper and darker for the cold months ahead or is it that exciting, refreshing fruity, aromatic taste you're after? Different coffees and different equipment bring our different characteristics and result in different flavour profiles. Again, don't be put off by all this information. We roast all of our coffees so that they can be brewed with any set up and taste great. Check our flavour notes for a closer idea of what to expect and help you select something you'll love!

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