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Ethiopia Okoluu (Omni)
Ethiopia Okoluu (Omni)
Ethiopia Okoluu (Omni)
Ethiopia Okoluu (Omni)
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Ethiopia Okoluu (Omni)

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250gr whole coffee beans


Producer : Farmers of the Sub-Region Okoluu, part of the Sookoo Group
Region : Dambi Uddo Kebele in Skakisso Woreda - East Guji
Country : Ethiopia 5°53’33”N 38°41’51”
Elevation : 2000 -2150 Meters above sea level
Varieties : JARC 74110 & 74112 and heirloom varieties
Harvest : November – January 2020
Process : Natural dried on raised beds
Certification : Organic
Flavour Notes : Blueberry & dark chocolate with a jam-like body.


This coffee is grown and harvested by a group of farmers who take the name Okoluu represent them as a whole. This is a known sub region in the Dambi Uddo kebeleand is deep within in the old growth forest of the Shakisso region. This is regarded as Semi-Forest coffee farming and is situated within a small valley between a mountain ridge and a river in the valley below.

The Okoluu farmers are part of the Sookoo Group, managed by Ture Waji, a local to
the Shakisso woreda and expert in local agronomy and permaculture. Ture provides
training to all farmers in the Sookoo group. His model is to create Semi-Forest coffee
plantations. This is where smaller growth is cleared around larger existing shaded
forest and coffee is planted in amongst the shaded forest. Information on soil
preparation, planting, weeding and harvesting is provided to all the farmers in the
Sookoo Group.

Okoluu is a certified organic coffee and primarily uses manure as compost. Daily the coffee is collected from the farmers in the Sookoo group. For the Grade 1
coffee only red cherries, sorted by extracting floating cherries in water (this is
known as Grade A cherries amongst the Sookoo Group) are selected for the drying
beds. The cherry is shipped to the drying station within 6 hours and then spread out on African beds. This time restraint ensures that any unwanted fermentation does not
occur before the drying process. 


Thanks to CLIMA° for directly sourcing this coffee and providing detailed information on its origins.




We recommend espresso machine, stove top and V60.