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Happy birthday, Jaeger Morris! ...part of a bigger story | the Jaeger side

So proud to be sharing this today. Our web-shop for our coffee brand is online today! We thought it would be much earlier but things don’t take two days to set up, do they?
Today, the 28th of November, would have been my grandfather’s birthday. (On my mum's side as my mother's maiden name is 'Jaeger', my dad took her name.)

When I told my mum the name of our coffee brand the other day she said ‘Your grandfather would be so proud to see his name on those coffee bags.’ I hadn’t thought of that before. Sometimes one doesn’t realise that we are part of a bigger story. I come from a long line of working women. I heard a woman say that on a podcast theother day and realised ‘I am too!’ I don’t know how it is to have only one parent working. My grandmother used to have her own vintage shop (yep, she was right ahead of the trends) and financed my grandfather to go to university to become an engineer. So I am very grateful to be part of this family and to be able to start our own little family company one step at a time.
My grandmother and my grandfather both left us when I was 14 and I wish I had had a bit more time with them...this way I feel like they become part of our present story.

Slowly preparing our coffee and taking a breather in between has been our go to small ritual this year and we are so happy to share this with you.

Stay tuned for the Morris edition of our story.