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The Morris side and how it all began

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I always look to forward to the next morning’s cup of coffee. The first cup is always the tastiest, and the first sip is always a special moment. It’s a great feeling to be falling asleep and already excited about waking up to a new day and selecting a new brew. Preparing and drinking specialty coffee has been a passion of mine for around a decade now, and I count myself as being really fortunate to have been introduced to this fascinating world by Solveig. 

From growing up near the highlands in Scotland close to many renowned whisky distilleries, I've always been really interested in high quality, artisanal drinks and concoctions. Being able to learn about the origins of the ingredients really fascinates me, and gives me so much pleasure to just whittle away the hours simply thinking about it. Whilst whisky is a drink to be savoured and enjoyed at night (for most, anyway!), what I love about coffee is that it very often signifies the start of a new day. The different aromas that develop when grinding the beans and then when brewing them are so wonderful that you can't help but slow down and really appreciate the cup you're away to drink.

Solveig stumbled across some great coffee one day around 10 years ago at an old (now closed, unfortunately) neighbourhood cafe where she was served a delicious cup of ethiopian coffee, which totally changed her feeling towards how this beverage could and should taste. It’s a classic story which we, people in the coffee business, have heard countless times. That first sip of specialty coffee which comes right out of the blue and blows your mind. It doesn’t taste bitter, it doesn’t taste harsh or burnt…in fact, it tastes amazing, what is this?!? Days after, we visited the shop together and both ordered a coffee. After enjoying the drinks, we got speaking to the owner who told us a little bit about why the coffee tasted so great, and why it would be worth our time reading a little about this new up and coming phenomenon called ‘specialty coffee’. At home we did a little research on local businesses pursuing specialty standards, which ultimately lead us to the doorway of the original (and best!) Bonanza Coffee Roasters store on the beautiful Oderbergerstraße.

I regard this as a very special series of events for me, as it really sent me on a path of discovery, which lead me to managing, and eventually co-founding, a number of shops in Berlin which focus on serving delicious specialty coffee. Since then I’ve been totally immersed in this world, learning everything I can about sourcing, roasting and brewing. Over the course of the past 10 years there have been many ups and downs, many challenging experiences, some disappointing and some really rewarding. This is the nature of life, I feel, and I regard every minute as having been extremely worthwhile and to this day I count myself as being an incredibly lucky and fortunate person. Looking back to all the wonderful people I have met through coffee, this feels like a miracle in it’s own right , and it’s just the cherry on top that I get to taste so many exciting new coffees from around the world almost every day.

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Beginning Jaeger Morris with Solveig felt like an incredibly natural step to take. It allows us to continue to learn and improve our standards, as well as feeling like we’re making an impact on what really counts - the environment and people. The roastery gives us a great amount of control over the quality of coffees we offer and present to you, which is a remarkable thing, as it allows us to introduce as many of you as possible to this beautiful and exciting world of specialty coffee!

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