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About Jaeger Morris

We set up this Berlin based company as a means to bring you our favourite coffees directly to your door.


From years of working in the specialty coffee industry, we've met so many amazing people along the way and learnt so much about the magnificent, progressive work done for specialty coffee around the world. Our green coffees are sourced exclusively through our friends at CLIMA° who choose exceptional beans and work closely with local farmers to support and improve standards for production. The coffee is imported on a direct trade basis, therefore allowing more of the sales revenue to reach the farms themselves.


In Berlin we roast every bean with love and respect for everyone involved.Through working closely with our partners, we choose the most exciting coffees from farms worldwide and roast them carefully, with love, for espresso and filter.


We hand craft every single packet of coffee ourselves, ensuring that all the details are in place and your bag of coffee will fit nicely into your cosy space, wherever that may be.


Coffees are harvested seasonally so our offerings change in respect to that. We source and offer the most exciting coffees for all times of the year, so feel free to stop by from time to time to discover our latest range.


With love, Solveig Linn Jaeger and Steve Morris.

Berlin, November 2020